Al Daayen Municipality inaugurates the competition (Al Daayen a green oasis)

Al Daayen Municipality inaugurates the competition (Al Daayen a green oasis)

Al Daayen Municipality inaugurated yesterday (Tuesday) the municipality competition for cultivating Sidr trees, on the occasion of the tree week 2016, entitled “ A Daayen a green oasis”

In Al Duhail Model School for Boys and in cooperation with Ras Lafan Community Outreach Program (COP).

The event was attended by Mr. Mubarak Nasser Al Khalifa, Director of Al Daayen Municipality, and Mr. Rashid Al Khiarain Director of the Department of Public Services in the Ministry and Mrs. Malaka Al Riashi, and members of outreach team, and the engineers of gardens Section. Also attended the representative of Ras Lafan program Mr. Saad Al Marikhi General Services Manager in ORYX GTL, and a number of the coordinators and students of the schools related to the municipality.

The competition of (Al Daayen a green oasis) will continue for two consecutive months from 15 March till 15 May, will include all the schools related to Al Daayen Municipality with the participation of 5 thousand students from 15 schools, with field visits to the schools and organizing agricultural educational workshops per week, by the municipality outreach team during the said period. At the end of the competition, a closing ceremony will be made, distributing prizes to the winners in the presence of some officials.

In his speech in the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Khalifa, the Director of Municipality thanked Ras Lafan Community Outreach Program (COP) for its continuous participation in the ceremony and the event of the Tree Week and that the motto of (Al Daayen a green oasis) comes in the line of the municipality keenness of the agricultural environment and the natural resources and seeking to spread the culture of landscaping in all the vital areas and increasing the interest in vegetation cover which is part of the work strategy of the Ministry. From here stems the importance of launching the agricultural competition including achieving our main objective of involving the members of the community represented in the school male and female students in order to achieve sustainable development, and increase the attention exerted by the state of efforts and facilities in order to decorate and beautify the streets and public utilities. He also confirmed the necessity of adopting and spreading the actual agricultural practices at home and other public places, wishing success to the schools participating in the competition, within the spirit of competition among the students. The Director of Municipality presented his appreciation to the Minister of Agriculture for his continuous support to the municipality and its different events, seeking to provide all the requirements to make success of it.

On the other hand, Mr. Saad Al Marikhi, the General Services Manager in ORYX GTL. expressed in his word his happiness to attend inaugurating the competition organized by Al Daayen Municipality in order to increase the environmental level at the participating schools, and that Ras Lafan Office seeks to concentrate on the activities and events that help to increase the environmental level of all the members of the community. He puts these among his priorities trying to achieve it through compliance with the sustainable development and ensure enhancing a sustainable future economically, socially and environmentally.

He also added that the competition gives an aesthetic form which will have a positive effect on the urban environment in addition, it is in line with Qatar vision 2030, from the social, environmental and urban aspects.

Mrs. Malaka AL Raiashi- The Outreach Team of Al Daayen Municipality, gave a brief explanation about the competition of cultivation Sid trees, and conditions for participation in it, referring to the fact that the competition encourages the students to cultivate Sidr tress at home and maintain them and to achieve environmental, social and educational objectives, the most important of which is developing the agricultural awareness of the children and maintaining the natural resources of the environment, and developing community participation through the family participation in home cultivation, in addition to enhancing the green environment in the housing areas through the schools related to the municipality.

She added that any student may participate in the competition, and that memos and seedlings of tree for cultivation will be distributed to the participants. The participants will cultivate those trees, fill the memos on and they must include all the required information that concerns the specifications of the mentioned trees.

She also referred to the importance of the follow up of school coordinators, to submit a report on the competition, monitor the students and attend the final ceremony. The result will be announced by the beginning of the month of June, and the first prize will be I-pad and the second prize will be cameras and also agricultural bags. The school that will interact most with the competition will be awarded a memorial shield by the Director of Municipality.

During the inauguration party, a recreational show for the children was presented half an hour that included artistic, interesting items, and completions for children with the aim of spreading the spirit of competition, and cooperation in order to achieve the objectives. The Director Al Daayen C and the guests took memorial photos with the coordinators and representatives of the participating schools and school students.

Finally, an agricultural activity was made with the school students in the presence of the Municipality Director, the representatives of the other participating agencies in order to spread the spirit of maintaining the safety of the environment, and its protection and trying to decorate and beautify the aesthetic scene of the public utilities in the State in them.

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