Commitment to the CSR ORYX GTL awarded outstanding students at Awsaj Academy

Commitment to the CSR ORYX GTL awarded outstanding students at Awsaj Academy

Under the sponsorship of ORYX GTL, Awsaj Academy, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, recently held an honorary awards ceremony to celebrate and honour students for their academic achievement.

The award ceremony was held at the school campus in Doha and was attended by representatives from ORYX GTL, Awsaj Academy staff members, parents and students.

This year, ORYX GTL presented six students with a certificate of achievement and a gift to honour them for their hard work and success in school.

The ORYX GTL Honorary Awards recognise students in grades 11-12 who have demonstrated proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science. Under the current eligibility criteria, students must earn a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher in Math and Science; 2.85 or higher in their other disciplines; and an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 5.0.

Dr Don Francis, Awsaj Academy’s Secondary School Principal, stated that the honoured students had all demonstrated great literacy in English and Arabic, compassion and hard work. He also stressed the importance of the partnership with ORYX GTL, the Honorary Program sponsor, and the company’s value in promoting the academic growth of students through the funding of various academy activities and projects.

Mr. Sami Al-Shammari, IT& Telecommunications Manager at ORYX GTL, also added in his speech, saying: “Our presence today in your school is to confirm the commitment of ORYX GTL in developing people and we know that the ability of our O&G industry to compete, thrive and deliver major economic benefit to Qatar and its citizens in the long-term will depend on supporting world-class academic in this country, which will lead to achieve all the goals and also Qatar vision 2030”.

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