environmantalWe are committed to being an integrated energy company globalizing premium, environmentally friendly GTL products by creating a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement based on zero harm standards.

The aim of our environmental section is to support the company within the guidelines of the state of Qatar’s legislation, International Standards (ISO 14001), Environmental Best Practices and Stakeholder inputs and guidance in order to fulfill the requirements of ORYX GTL’s vision, values and supporting Policies with regards to the Environment. Therefore, a set of Environmental Key Performance indicators linked to the company performance and reward system, measured and reported monthly, were established and committed to by ORYX GTL Management.

Environmental Monitoring

ORYX GTL is strongly committed to the protection of our environment by best practices and strict adherence to the environmental requirements of the Ministry of Environment (MOE). To ensure compliance with ORYX GTL’s “Consent to Operate” and other national and regional legal requirements, HSE Environmental Section implemented an environmental monitoring and reporting program,conforming to ISO 14 001, including monitoring of stack emissions, noise, groundwater quality and quality of treated effluent reused as irrigation water or discharged into the sea.

Waste management

As per the Company’s commitment to protect the environment and to cultivate the concept of the 4R Waste Management Principle, ORYX GTL is committed towards:

  • Reduction of wastes by proper segregation at source
  • Reuse of treated effluent for either irrigation purposes (landscaping) within Ras Laffan City boundaries or process optimization.
  • Recovery of metal from spent catalysts and other process wastes (international recycling companies to recover precious non renewable metals)
  • Recycling of scrap metal and used oil and batteries (Local recycling companies)

MOE Visits to ORYX GTL:

Delegates from the Ministry of Environment (MOE) visit the ORYX GTL facility on a regular basis in order to familiarize themselves with the ORYX GTL process to measure the Company’s compliance with environmental monitoring and to ensure ORYX GTL compliance with MOE Consent to Operate requirements. MOE commends ORYX GTL on its continual improvement and commitment towards the environment.

Inventories and Records Currently, ORYX GTL Environmental Section is maintaining:

  • Chemicals Inventories (Safety Data sheets) on an intranet based database
  • All records as per requirement of ISO 14001 and the Ministry of Environment CTO requirements (e.g. Aspect and Impact Registers, Waste Inventories etc) on an intranet based record database.

ORYX GTL Environmental Awareness, Training & Activities In addition to regular environmental training on a company need basis, ORYX GTL Environmental Section is responsible for other initiatives such as drawing and slogan competitions during special events such as World Environmental Day and activities for World Tree Planting Day which involve company employees and their families. ORYX GTL Environmental Section is also involved in the Al Khor community and the conservation of the oryx antelope in a joint proposed initiative with the Ministry of Environment.

In recent years, ORYX GTL has participated in several international conferences, such as the SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Security and Environment Conference where they presented posters and papers.